What is the Average Price of a Wedding Dress – Cost of a Wedding Dress

The big day is fast approaching, after years of dreaming how your wedding will be like. 

You may have imagined yourself in different designer wedding dresses and got the feeling of a Disney princess just at the thought of it.

The kind of wedding dress you settle for will set the mood of the day. With this in mind, many brides to be, learn that there are many things to factor in before making that great purchase. Wearing a beautiful gown will compliment the bride’s body shape and give confidence to her glowing skin, thanks to using essential oils for skincare, which comes at a cost too.

Like most people, probably you don’t have an unlimited budget and are too aware that you’ll wear the dress only once. It could be both a thrilling and stressful experience to look for a wedding dress that’s perfect and even have to choose a venue, and a suitable wedding dinner serving style among other wedding essentials.

The styling, customization, and adding extras to make it unique, all influence the price of a wedding dress.

Would you cash out a fortune to buy a wedding dress that suits your preferences, or choose to follow your budget? Whichever works for you, this piece will break down everything that goes into the cost of a wedding dress.

So what is the average price of a wedding dress? We got the answers. Read on to find out!

Average Price of a Wedding Dress

Studies show that the national average price of a wedding dress is $2,439. However, there are different categories of wedding dresses and various elements that go into the overall cost.

An extremely detailed wedding dress with pricey fabrics like silk will cost more than an ordinary gown. 

The average cost of a wedding dress also varied by region. In the Mid-Atlantic, the cost reached almost $2,000 while in the Midwest it was almost $1,500.

Most brides opt to wear a second or third outfit for the wedding reception, leading to an increase in the entire attire.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Wedding Dress

The following are factors to consider before purchasing a wedding dress. 


The fabric you select for your wedding dress will have an impact on the cost. A dress with a lot of pleats will need more fabric, hence higher cost.

Excessive lace, silk, tulle, and charmeuse are some of the expensive fabrics that can add to your gown’s cost.

Are you obsessed with the high-end feel, but can’t meet the price? Consider polyester fabric, which is more affordable and has quality.

Beading and Embellishments

There is a likelihood for brides to be wowed by intricate details.

Beading and embellishments are an incredible addition to a wedding dress. The embellishment you choose will come to play.

If you’re after the glam, it is advisable to get embellishments added to a simple gown or even adding accessories like a necklace and earrings will accentuate the look. 


Accessories are becoming increasingly popular in the bridal industry. If you have an eye for quality jewelry, then you’ll end up spending more on accessories.

You will have to budget for a veil, headpiece, shoe, and jewelry. But when going for a more elaborate gown, it is advisable to keep your accessories low-key.

The Season

Buying last season’s styles will help in cutting down the costs. When you shop during summer and winter, there is a likelihood to attract affordable deals

Ordering your wedding dress on a trunk show will save up to 20% of the price.

The Alterations

There is simply no point in splurging in a pricey dress that will not fit perfectly. Unless your gown is custom made to fit in perfection, you will need to make some alterations. 

A well-fitted gown should support the shape, bust, and compliment your body shape.


You could be a size 10 in one boutique and a size 12 in another. Make sure the bridal shops you are interested in, stock a size range that suits your body type.

If you intend to get a custom-made gown, let your seamstress take measurements for accurate results. You should also inform them if you’re planning to lose weight prior to the wedding, so they can take it into account when making the dress.

Cleaning and Preservation of Wedding Gowns

Brides have many options of what to do with their gowns after the wedding. You may turn it into a cocktail dress, give it out, pass it on to other generations, or trash it. There are brides who choose to hang on that attire which reminds them of the happy celebration.

A wedding dress is usually very delicate, hence why cleaning and preservation are key to making sure it lasts for a lifetime. 

When preserving your wedding dress on your own, it is not advisable to use harsh chemicals as they may damage the fabric thus you will need to use a fabric softener instead.


Set a budget and begin looking for dresses within that price range. Looking for a gown outside your budget can be very frustrating.

It is great to determine who is paying for your wedding dress, if it’s your family or spouse paying then you will have to agree on the cost but if it goes outside the budget, you may have to pay for the differences.

 It is advisable to leave a margin for unexpected costs.


In the era of digital technology, it is easy for you to explore online sites for affordable deals on wedding dresses and other essential products for the big day.

You can also book bridal consultations with genuine collections and have a candid discussion with them prior to making that purchase.

This is going to be the only time a bride gets to try as many wedding dresses as possible. Make it a habit to plan accordingly and in advance.

There are numerous factors that go into the cost of a wedding dress, everything that we have outlined for you will make the planning process less stressful.