What is the Average Price of a Soundbar – Cost of a Soundbar

Imagine inviting your friends over to watch Avengers on your new TV only to get embarrassed by the poor sound quality.

Today’s televisions are thinner and lighter, with increased portability and quality visuals. However, there is less room for built-in speakers, thus compromising the audio quality. 

Therefore, a separate sound system will come in handy when purchasing an up-to-date TV. In this case, a soundbar is most recommended for its 5 channel audio experience.

Soundbars provide solid audio quality, good bass and are only connected to the TV by one wire. They are easy to mount, display and improve the aesthetics of your room.

If you yearn to have the best home entertainment, opting for sound enhancements like soundbars or home theaters, will meet your expectations. You might be browsing through the internet to find the price of a soundbar that suits your needs.

We have done the research on your behalf to provide you with the latest rates and everything you need to know before making that purchase. Read on to learn about the average price of a soundbar.

Average Cost of a Soundbar

Buying a soundbar is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the sound of your television.

The statistics show the average price of a soundbar range between $200 and $600. The Soundbar market is competitive in nature, with companies launching new products every year.

The global soundbar market was valued at $5,094.3 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $8,302.7 million by 2026.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Soundbar

Here is what you should know before purchasing a soundbar.

Size of the Sound Bar

The size of a soundbar varies thus you will need to understand what size is required for your TV.

Your soundbar should not be any wider than your TV but rather the same width. Make sure your TV has the right connectivity to hook up to your new soundbar.

Where to Position the Soundbar

To get the best audio output, you will need to place your soundbar either above or below the TV. Ensure you have the required space and the right wall socket to power your soundbar.

Bluetooth Support

Opt for a soundbar that offers connectivity options. Ensure the model you purchase has Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi.

The Bluetooth feature will enable you to share music from other devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and computers to your soundbar which you can then play on the TV.

Remote Control 

You would like to sit on the couch enjoying a show for leisure without having to walk to the front of the room every time.

Ensure the soundbar of your choice has a remote control. Additionally, it would be great if the soundbar is programmed to work with your TV’s remote.


A subwoofer is important for most audiophiles as it adds exciting bass. If you love some bass, consider going for a soundbar with either an in-built subwoofer or a separate one; both are equally effective. 

Internal Amplifiers

The passive soundbar model does not have internal amplifiers and will need a separate receiver, while the active ones have them.

Passive models cost more too, but the audio quality is better. If you need a compact all-in-one device, then opt for an active model, which comes with channel processors and internal amplifiers at once.


Budget is key. If your preferred model is expensive, you can save for a few months before making that purchase.

Fortunately, there are product guides online on the Best Soundbars Under 300 available in the market to help you make an informed decision.

Why Good Soundbars Cost More

While it’s clear you can get an inexpensive soundbar, soundbars on the cheaper end will produce sound quality similar to the TV.

Below are reasons as to why soundbars cost more.

Better Soundbars Mean More Channels

The number of channels determines the sound quality of a soundbar. A five-channel soundbar is way advanced as it can support actual surround sound.

Most entry-level soundbars have full-range drivers that handle everything, thus resulting in less accurate sounds.

Expensive Soundbars Double as Great Speakers Too

Any soundbar, be it cheap or expensive, can be connected to Bluetooth. Best soundbars come with an in-built Wi-Fi and other integrated technologies that enable them to do much more, hence the high price.

For instance, the Sonos Arc has a four-microphone array and can function either as a google assistant or an Alexa-enabled speaker. You can use voice commands to adjust the volume of your TV and even change channels.

High-Quality Soundbars Put their Drivers into Use

A soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos has to have a specific type of surround sound channel with upward-firing drivers. These drivers help the soundbar to create dedicated virtual height channels, hence enabling an immersive audio experience.

This makes it look like the sound isn’t just coming from the TV but will flow in all directions due to the soundbar’s wide design.


Indeed, a soundbar is a solution to all your sound system problems.

Look out for the aforementioned details before purchasing a soundbar, they will come in handy when getting a perfect one for your home.