Sound Bar vs. Home Theater: Which One Best Suits Your Home TV Entertainment

Choosing the ideal speakers for your home entertainment is as crucial as selecting an outstanding TV. You can’t enjoy much from movies, series, and games if the sound effects are lacking, the same way you need a good gaming monitor in order to enjoy gaming.

The current options that consumers have for sound enhancement are home theaters and soundbars. And regarding what is best between a soundbar and a home theatre, it mostly depends on one’s needs.


Sound Bar vs. Home Theater: Which One Best Suits Your Home TV Entertainment

Surround systems and soundbars offer superior sound quality. So, whichever choice you make, either option will enhance the sound of your TV. Additional features in both sound enhancers and surround systems include WI-FI and Bluetooth, from which you can stream music from your phone through voice assistants like Alexa.

Sound speakers and bars have their merits and demerits, a factor that can leave you wondering the option to pick. Let’s dive into the advantages of each, and then you’ll determine the option that suits your needs best.

Advantages of Soundbars

For starters, how much space and cash do you want to spend on your sound enhancer? While you’ll require less space and money to invest in soundbars, multi-speaker surround systems consume more of both. Here is the breakdown.

Soundbars are More Affordable

The significant advantage of soundbars is that they are not a huge investment because you can get excellent systems for around $100. Plus, you can get the best soundbar under 300 dollars, and you won’t need to assemble separate speaker systems, which results in more expenditure.

Where you need to assemble other speakers systems, it would mean buying two extra speakers going for $200 upwards and an AV receiver that won’t cost less than $300, and yet buying a complete 5.1 speaker won’t help you save up as it’s more expensive.

Soundbar Installation Is Easy

Since soundbars are simple to install, they are the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want the trouble of moving around a room trying to position surround sound speakers. Soundbars are especially handy for tenants who don’t want to install complex staff because it would be extra work to bring the speakers down when moving out.

The compact package of soundbars is also advantageous in that you evade the work of running cables around a room to connect multiple speakers, and if your entertainment space is limited, the compact design works in your favor.

You’ll use HDMI or optical cables to connect your TV to a soundbar. Some soundbars can also act as HDMI hubs whereby the video signal gets passed along the TV by connecting the streaming devices, cable box, and game systems to the soundbar. And given that the HDMI ports of a TV are not easily accessible, these models simplify the connection of new devices to your system.

Advantages of a Surround Sound System

Home TV entertainment ought to be fun, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to your favorite music. Are you thinking of getting a surround sound system? Here are some of its advantages.

Superior Sound Quality

Indeed, surround systems offer a superior listening experience compared to soundbars because the art of strategically positioning speakers in a room brings a great experience that makes you feel as though you are in the center of the action.

Plus, surround systems are good at sound-staging, making it easier to hear where different sounds are coming from, for instance, the soft footsteps creeping from behind in a thriller movie or a crowds’ cheer in a sporting event.

Plus, the placement of speakers throughout a room creates a cinematic sound experience, just as it is in the highly-rated movie theaters. And while a soundbar is an improvement of a built-in TV speaker, surround sound systems are the ultimate choice for musicians who listen to Evernote and movie lovers who like being at the center of epic moments.

Extra Ports

Surround sound systems use receivers to connect to the speakers and audio-video sources like game systems and cable boxes. Most receivers have several ports to enhance the connectivity of various devices. It means that regardless of your TV having one HDMI port, you can connect to more devices via the receiver.

You’ll also come across receivers with tower more audio ‘zones,’ which allows you to connect another set of speakers to sync favorite audios in different areas of your home. This way, you won’t have to pause a movie when getting a snack, yet you won’t miss a beat.

 Customization Features

Surround systems have the customization advantage, where, unlike soundbars that are placed near the TV, speakers can be placed anywhere you wish. For instance, you can mount the speakers on the walls or ceiling, or you can buy stands and decide to place them at the back of the sofa.

That’s not all because surround systems have various components, meaning you can upgrade with time. For example, you can buy the front speakers and receiver, then add a subwoofer and back speakers later.

Having realized the advantages of each product, it’s up to you as a consumer to decide where your interests lie. For all your sound enhancement needs, look no further than Budget Product Deals.