Laptop Vs Tablet for School Work: What Should You Buy?

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to physically attend your class, carry loads of printed assignments, books, or even physically attend group work. Instead, everything can be done through a computer screen, with a mere click of a button.

But in order to achieve all this, you simply can’t do without a laptop or a tablet. These miniature computing devices are especially efficient because of their portability and ease of use.

Because of this, they have immensely grown in popularity, shifting from being luxury equipment to “must-have” equipment in today’s world.

Which raises the question, which of the two (laptop vs tablet) is best for schoolwork?

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Laptop and a Tablet

Laptops and tablets are both computing devices. Therefore, just like any computer, they offer the same experience to a user when performing tasks like browsing, writing emails, gaming, or even studying.

However, the two devices are still a little different from each other. They each have some unique features that make them ideal for specific tasks.

To help you settle on the best one for you, we shall look at some of these features below. Let’s dive right in!


Tablets and laptops will each work best when performing different tasks and in specific settings. On the one hand, a laptop is a high-power machine featuring very powerful hardware, excellent software, and large storage capacity that you wouldn’t find in any tablet.

This makes a laptop the most preferred equipment when performing heavy tasks that require high levels of productivity, superb software, and big storage capacities.  You can also connect it to your computer speakers and listen to audio in a more comfortable position.

On the other hand, a tablet is excellent for lightweight tasks like browsing, gaming, using social media, or even playing music. Sometimes it can freeze, requiring you to reset the machine. But don’t worry, you don’t get to lose any of your data, especially with a backup.

How portable is it?

The most interesting thing about the laptop and the tablet are that they are both portables. However, the question would be, “to what degree do you want your device to be portable?” No doubt the tablet wins this!

The tablet would have a screen size ranging between 7 inches to about 13 inches, making it a very sizeable device in terms of size. Its weight would fall between 300 grams to 700 grams, only making it very lightweight.

On the other hand, a laptop’s screen size would relatively measure 12 inches to 21 inches. When it comes to weight, a laptop would roughly weigh between 2 kilograms and 8 kilograms, making it a portable but bulky device.


When it comes to storage, the laptop has the upper hand compared to the tablet. Most laptops feature a storage capacity of about 500 gigabytes to about 2 Terabytes.

On the other hand, tablets feature an internal storage capacity of about 8 gigabytes to 256 gigabytes. However, storage capacity for both the laptop and tablet can be complemented by external hard drives and memory cards.

How Flexible is Your Budget?

Tablets and laptops are priced differently, with tablets being the cheaper option compared to laptops. There are cheap and affordable deals that would still serve the purpose. However, if your budget is flexible, a laptop would equally be a good option depending on the magnitude of the work.

What Happens When You Can’t Choose Between The Two?

Laptop Vs Tablet For School Work

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between the two. You can have them both on a convertible laptop, mostly known as a 2 in 1 laptop.! Isn’t technology just amazing? These laptops give us a glimpse of the future of computing.

It comes in the shape of a laptop with extra additional features that allow you to fold it up or detach it from its body and use it just like a tablet. It’s, therefore, doubles up as a traditional laptop and a portable tablet.

Advantages of a Convertible Laptop?

Value for Money

This laptop delivers value for money in the best way possible. It is advisable to purchase a convertible laptop because you can get a double package of laptop and tablet for the price of a normal laptop.

This means the processing power of a laptop and a tablet’s portability are combined in one device.

School Work or Leisure?

With a convertible laptop, you no longer have to choose which device is suitable for your schoolwork or leisure. The convertible laptop meets both schoolwork and leisure activities.

It Is Portable and Very Flexible

The convertible laptop gives users the convenience and flexibility of only carrying one gadget that serves the purpose of both a laptop and a tablet.

The convertibles are very flexible in that you can share the screen with other classmates, e.g., when making a class presentation by rotating it and twisting it in different positions. Other devices cannot match this type of flexibility.

Super Sleek and Attractive

Convertible laptops have an attractive, sleek design, making them compact enough to be carried by anyone and used even in the smallest of spaces. This is because they occupy minimal space compared to traditional laptops.


Settling on either a tablet, laptop, or convertible laptop would require factoring in many things as seen above. Hopefully, this article gives the insight that you may need to decide on the gadget store.