How to Screenshot on HP Laptop

Thanks to technology, we can afford mobile phones and laptops that will make our work easier, not forgetting communication with friends and family.

While looking for laptops, for instance, the best 2 in 1 laptop under $600 you want to work within that budget and still get a machine that will get the work done for you, right?

Now, let’s talk screenshots, and not the conversation you had last night with your best friend, on your mac book or iPhone, we’re talking HP Laptop screenshots. Yes, it’s actually possible.

Screenshots are a great way to share something cool that happened, demonstrate bugs, design flaws, or missed opportunities in your work. A picture is worth one thousand words, and often screenshots can help you get the point across more quickly.

Let’s take you through how you can screenshot on a HP Laptop.

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop

Screenshot on a HP Laptop

You have probably already snapped a screenshot on your Chromebook, android phone like Samsung and posted it on Instagram.

Screenshotting is also as important as any other functionality of a HP laptop. Here’s how you can capture anything you want on your HP screen.

Snipping tool

The snipping tool is a feature that allows you to grab any size portion on your screen. It can operate on different windows like windows 7, 8, or 10 and vista windows.

A snipping tool is a screenshot application that you can use with any window or operating system. It offers many options in capturing your screen and using the information you get from it.

You can customize the shape of what part of the screen you want to capture, choose where on your desktop you want to save them, and even add annotations to clarify things like desktop icons or windows messages.

You also have an option for including cursor movement when taking screenshots so that it appears as if someone has moved their mouse around while they are drawing something out.

To use this program:

  • Press  the Start button found in the lower-left corner of your PC’s taskbar,
  • Go down until Snip or Snipping Tool appears,
  • Push on it, and the application will appear.

You can now take screenshots by:

  • Clicking on the New button in the upper left corner of your screen,
  • Then choose one of three options: free-form Snip, rectangular snip, or window selection.
  • To capture a specific area of your desktop, you need to drag an outline around that area using this tool’s crosshair cursor, located at the center bottom quarter of the screen.
  • The screenshot will automatically save as soon as you release the mouse after drawing out the desired shape with its help.

To edit any part of these images, later on, click on the Edit icon found beside others near the top right side section of pictures views or right-click menu found- size, position, and annotation are re-set by default when you take a screenshot but can be changed.

You should also know that if you want to save your captured images, they will automatically get saved in the Pictures folder of the user’s account where it was taken from and named with date and time and the type of snip (e.g., Screenshot-2014-08-04 at 08:14).

The snipping tool comes in with several added perks that allow you to switch modes. You can snip in other ways:

  • The free-form mode lets you draw around the area and capture an image in any form that you want: ovals, figure 8, or circles.
  • A Full-Screen snip is another way to get the perfect screenshot, as it captures an entire display. It is awesome for people who have dual screens. You can easily screenshot them without going through the hassle and frustration of using a camera on each and worrying about missing anything on either screen.
  • A window snip is a simple and effective way to take screenshots of your active computer screen. With just one click, you can capture the entire content on your laptop.

Default Way: For Full Screen

You can snap screenshots via a simple click on the keyboard by clicking the print screen key located on the top right of your keyboard, denoted as Prt Sc or PrtScn. The image saves automatically in your laptop’s clipboard. Below are some steps to follow to make your screenshot into an image

  • Press the Windows key + PrtScn both at once. Your screen will temporarily become dim.
  • Then open an image editing program like Microsoft; Paint
  • Open a new image and press CTRL+V to paste it
  • Save the file where you can easily access it as PNG or JPG for quick sharing.

For Partial Screen

Additionally, you can also screenshot a portion of your screen through these simple and quick steps:

  • Press Windows key + Shift + S. Your screen will fade to a white overlay, and your cursor changes from one of those pesky, pointy pointers into the laser-targeting crosshair.
  • Then select the area of your screen that you want to screenshot by dragging a box around it.
  • When finished, click on copy in Paint and open up an image editing program like Microsoft; paint.
  • In the new file, press CTRL+V then start cropping as needed or resizing until it’s what you need. Then, save the photo to access it quickly with high quality as PNG or JPG for quick sharing.


Snagit is a screen capture tool that can be used with any device and has an easy-to-use interface. Users can take screenshots, edit them, annotate images or even make video recordings of their entire desktop screens.

Snagit also gives users the ability to create animated GIFs from videos recorded on the computer. The following steps will ensure that your screenshotting is a breeze:

  • Download and open the Snagit app
  • To access the screenshot camera, press the red circle button at the top of your screen.
  • Click the camera icon for a screenshot image.
  • Next, click on your desired portion of the screen to capture
  • Your image will appear on the Snagit app from there, and you can copy, resize, edit, annotate and save the clipped image

In Summary;

It is important to know how to screenshot on an HP laptop for various reasons. If you want to share something funny or cool that happened, a screenshot will make it easy to do so by just saving the photo without having to save the whole website and open up Photoshop. The screenshot will even be better if your laptop screen is clean.

With this knowledge in hand, you can be sure that your next experience with a HP laptop will be smooth sailing.