How to Reset Samsung Tablet: Step BY Step Action

To reset or to reboot is a question that many people gamble with whenever they have a problem with their Samsung Tablet. Sometimes the two words are confused to mean the same thing, but they are different. To reboot is to restart, and it is a way of fixing minor problems.

Resetting, on the other hand, is to get the gadget back to its original state before it was released into the market. You know, just like formatting your laptop and starting afresh. Resetting clears all the data on the phone that was not initially placed by the manufacturer. For this reason, before you reset your phone, you need to back up all the vital information that you do not want to lose.

How to Reset a Samsung Tablet

Via Settings

There are two ways to go about the process of resetting your tablet’ the more manageable, less complicated way and the hard way. Going through settings is the less complicated way of giving your gadget a fresh start. Before you embark on resetting your device, ensure the battery is fully charged because it takes a lot of power during the process. You don’t want your phone going off in the middle of resetting. 

Once ready, click on the settings menu on your Samsung Tablet, and it will bring a myriad of options for you to pick. Tap on the backup and reset button, leading you to another possibility: factory data set. Be sure that you want to reset your gadget and that all your essential information is backed up before you press reset.

When you select that option, it will lead you to yet another dialogue box with reminders, such as a reminder that all your data will be wiped off and a confirmation query that you genuinely want to reset your gadget. This final dialogue box acts as a reminder, telling you that you may lose any unsaved data and whether you would like to go back and save.

If you are convinced to have a backup of all your essential information, you can now hit the ‘reset this device’ button and give it time to go through the entire process without any disruptions. It only takes a few minutes to reset your phone, and any interference may lead to severe damage to your phone. When the process is complete, your device will restart on its own, and you will notice a freshly restored screen.

Resetting when the gadget is locked

Sometimes your Samsung Tablet can misbehave and go to the extreme of locking itself and refusing to unlock. All is not lost. You can still rest it and bring it back to life. Resetting it will fix this major problem, and you will be able to go back to using your gadget. Note that you can do a reset on your own without using the services of a phone repair technician

To perform a reset when the tablet is locked, press on the power button and switch it off. With your device off, it is time to start on the reset process by pressing the volume up, power button and menu button at the same time. You will feel a vibration on your phone and the Samsung logo will appear on your screen.

When this happens, release your grip on the three buttons. On the screen, you will be able to see an option of ‘reset the device.’ using the volume up and down button, navigate to the appropriate command and use the power key to select it. Once you choose the reset device option, give it time to finish the process before you get back to using your device. 

How the Samsung Tablet Works

How Samsung Tablet Works

Samsung Tablet, a touchscreen that runs on Google’s Android OS is an ultra-thin design that has a colour touchscreen, making it a popular device among many people across the world. Though it is a touchscreen, it can still be connected to an external keyboard, however, it can only use WiFi to access the internet. 

Samsung Tablet has great speed and is also lightweight; it is actually the lightest in the market today. It is installed with a free music app that allows you to stream a large variety of music online. You can also easily mix up your playlist. Music lovers are sorted with Samsung Tablet, and the music app can be synchronized with your Samsung account. With this, your customized music collection will not be affected in case you lose your gadget. 

With the tablet’s amazing user interface, you are able to have a great user experience. It does not take time to navigate and get acquainted. The coolest attribute about Samsung Tablet is that you can access your mobile from your tab. You simply download an app, sync and connect it to your other Samsung device(s) and you are good to go.

Please note that performing a reset on your Samsung device clears all the information that was not placed by the manufacturer including images, music, apps, and all Google accounts and any other thing that was not originally there. You, therefore, need to back-up all the information that you may not want to lose.

Resetting your device essentially fixes major problems like malware and viruses, slow performance, clears unwanted and/or harmful apps and also fixes a crashed software. Once the rest process is complete and your device is turned back on. You may now find the information you backed up and save them back into your phone. 

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