How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Picture this; you just got back home from a long and hectic day at work, you are exhausted and all you want to do is get to the house and slump yourself on the couch for a quick power nap before you think of anything else to do.

Once you pull up the driveway, the last thing you want to do is get out of your car to pull up that garage door, then get back in to drive into the garage before getting out again to close down the door.

There are companies that sell cheap and affordable garage doors and offer full service; delivery and installation of the door. Some garage doors require a remote control to open and close, some are automatic, while some require you to actually open them (manual). The manual ones are not the easiest option to work with, right?

However, if you need the gratification of a DIY (do it yourself) task, then you will be able to save money as you fix the door yourself.

How to Install  A Garage Door Opener

The good news is here! You can fix the electric garage door that will automatically open and close and save you all the hustle! It may take you a long time when you are doing it for the first time because you have to familiarize yourself with all the parts and functionalities of the specific model you choose to install, but it is a venture worth investing in.


how to install a garage door opener

Select the right garage door opener

Before you select the type of garage opener you want, check whether the type of garage door you have can allow an opener to be attached. Most new-age garage doors are compatible with an opener, while the older models are solid and may need a replacement before a garage door is fixed.

Garage door openers come in different types; with a chain drive, screw drive, or belt drive. They all perform the same purpose, only differently. Chain drives have a long chain that pulls the door open and closed. They are the most affordable, but they are very loud when opening and closing.

Screw drives require the least management; they have a long threaded rod that opens and closes the door. The most expensive of the three is the belt drive. They are made of rubber belts and make no noise when opening and closing the garage door.

Go through the manual

Never ignore the manufacturer’s manual that comes with every gadget you buy; your garage door opener is not an exception. Ensure you read and understand the manual before you embark on the task. The manual often gives an idea on how to install the door opener easily if you are not hiring a professional to do it for you.

Assemble all the tools

Before you begin fixing your garage door opener, assemble all the tools you will require for the entire process of the task. This saves you the time and frustration you will use walking up and down, looking for one tool after another.

The tools to assemble are a ladder in good condition (in case you are installing the overhead garage door opener), a cordless drill, a tape measure, clamps, and a wrench set. If you figure that your garage door may need a little more reinforcement, then you will also need some sheets of steel to ensure all parts are in place. 

Prepare your garage door

Once you have assembled all the tools required, it is time to start the installation. Lubricate the garage door to make it easy to unplug the old unit. Lubricating also eases the process of loosening the bolts that are hiding in place.

The weight of the door is supported by door springs, cables, and pulleys. Check to see that they are all functional before installing the door opener.

If you cannot lift and lower the door normally by hand, then the door opener will not help either. Since the door opener uses electricity, you can hire a qualified electrician to help you with installing the manual disconnect system that comes in handy when the garage door opener fails. Install the manual disconnect system where children cannot reach.

Install the garage door opener

First, layout all the parts of the door opener and ensure they match all the components included in the package. The garage door opener comes with detailed instructions on how to install it. Start by putting the rail together, as it comes in several pieces that fit together easily.

After fixing the track, slide the trolley over the railing. The trolley is what moves along to either open to close the garage door.

The most significant piece of the opener is the motor compartment, which is positioned further from the garage door, and it is what powers the opening and closing of the door. Opposite the motor compartment, insert the pulley then fit the belt, chain, or screw around the other end of the motor compartment.

At the end of the chain or belt, you will find a screw attached to the carriage for adjusting the chain or belt as desired.  Make sure you observe the general safety tips.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Door Opener?

Having a garage door opener is just as essential as having an affordable laptop that suits your needs.  Often the opener is not included in the door installation, so you’ll need a method to open the door.

Additionally, the ability to open your garage door without stepping out of your car has become a luxury we take for granted and feel is a necessity in today’s world. If you do not have a garage door opener, it will seem like a dream of convenience once you install one!

Types of Garage Door Openers: Cost and Prices for Each

The type also determines the cost of the door opener. There are different types of door openers that you can pick from, based on your budget. There are screw, chain, and belt-driven door openers, and each type has a different price range.

Apart from the price, you may also want to check on the reverse safety feature on each garage door opener as well as the sensory ability. The door opener has to sense your car to open the garage door automatically.

Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

If the price is the most crucial factor that you consider, then the chain-driven opener is the best fit for you. They use a chain to open the door, and they tend to be too loud. If your garage shares a workspace or a living space, it might not be the perfect choice because of the noise. They have top-notch reliability with minimal maintenance.

In case of a breakdown, the cost of repair is also affordable. A chain-driven garage door opener costs between $150 – 180. They also don’t have a battery backup for when there is a power outage.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

For a residential garage door opener system, the best-driven opener is the most preferred because it is quiet, powerful, and has a battery backup. Just like any other up-to-date tech gadgets e.g., smartphones, computer speakers, and TVs, this too has the potential for internet and Bluetooth connectivity, although they are a bit pricey. They are ideal for attached garages, but may have compatibility issues with the garage doors.

For this reason, it is crucial to rely on a professional to install one for you. The price of a belt-driven garage door opener ranges between $200-300.

Screw-Driven Garage Door Opener

Installation of a screw-driven garage door opener is the easiest because it has fewer components compared to belt-driven and chain-driven openers. It is also quiet and powerful and requires little maintenance over its lifetime. Screw-driven garage opener does not open automatically, it uses a remote sold separately, but the garage door costs between $190 – 250.

Screw-driven openers rotate a threaded steel rod to open or close the garage door. There are far fewer components in a screw-driven system, so installation should be rather easy. This also means the maintenance should be far less over the lifetime of the door.

These can be noisier than a belt drive system, so keep that in mind when deciding what kind of garage door to install it on.

When shopping for a garage door opener in general, make sure you get quality over price. You should find great deals out there and pick your preferred option.