How To Clean A Gas Grill – Insides and Exteriors

Summer got you grilling your favorite grill recipes. Whether you grilled chicken breasts on your gas grill, grilled some pork chops, or learned new recipes on the internet, you know that you have to clean your grill at the end.

You may have tried to clean your gas grill, but you couldn’t hack cleaning the grime off your gas grill. If you know how to clean your grill, you will always welcome any opportunity to grill some delicious recipes.

Cleaning your gas grill can be a satisfying experience when done right and with the right tools. Read along to learn simple ways to have your grill ready for summer grilling. Get ready for some hacks that you can use to clean your gas grills and leave them sparkling.

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Cleaning Food Residue From The Grates

How To Clean A Gas Grill

The first thing that is easily noticeable is the food residue and grime left after grilling, and it is clear that the plain old water and soap trick will not thoroughly clean your grates. This begs the question, What will work? Burning will work. All you have to do is turn your burners to a high setting for 15 minutes, watch the food residue burn up, and turn to ash.

Turn off the fire and use a stainless steel brush to brush off the food residue from the grates.  Dip your stainless steel brush in soap water and scrub the grime off your grates. Make sure you clean both sides of your grill gates to have them nice and clean.

Cleaning the metal plates

The metal plates found on your gas grill are used to disperse heat evenly throughout the grill surface. They also prevent the burners from food drippings. To give the metal plates a thorough clean, remove and scrub with a scouring pad or a sponge dipped in soap water.

Gently clean the burners with a sponge dipped in soapy water and use a toothpick to poke those hole openings to dislodge any stuck dirt.

Cleaning Your Grill’s Catch Pan

Cleaning the grease catch pan prevents unwanted fires and will deter unwanted bugs from visiting. To clean this pan, you need to have a putty knife to scrape the grease off, warm soapy water, and fine steel wool. Gently scrape the grease and food debris from the catch plan and push them with a metal spatula or a grill scraper through the bottom hole to a trash bag.

Use warm soapy water to clean your pan and change the catch pan liner every month if you love grilling frequently.

Cleaning The Bottom Grill

After scrubbing the grime and chunks on the bottom grill, use your sponge or scouring pad to wipe and remove any grease or grime, as many food drippings tend to build up under the grill burners. Clean the bottom grill carefully, as it is prone to corrosion from abrasive cleaning.

Once the bottom grill is clean, Check the underside of the grill’s lid and wipe off any food residue. Clean gently with soapy water to wash away any caked food residue. Whenever you are scraping any residue, be careful not to scratch off paint from the grill, as this may lead to corrosion.

Replace The Burners and Grill Plates

Once the interior of your gas grill is nice and clean, reassemble and place the grill plate and the burners in the same order you removed them. Refer back to your user manual if you find any challenge in replacing the parts.

When all is nice and set, turn on the gas and fire up the grill to burn off any soap or cleaners you used in cleaning.

Lastly, turn off the gas grill and oil the grates with a neutral oil like canola oil. Oiling prevents food that you are grilling from sticking on your grates, while a neutral oil will prevent your foods from acquiring a taste and smell. Use tongs to rub the oily paper towel over the hot grates to avoid burning yourself.

Cleaning the Exterior of a Gas Grill

It will make perfect sense to have the exterior part of your gas grill clean. The cleaning process is not complicated, and your grill will be good as new after following simple steps.

The first thing will be to turn off the gas so that no flammable gas leaks when you are cleaning. Fill a bucket with water and add a soap solution. Dip an old rag in soapy water and wipe the exterior of the gas grill thoroughly.

Clean the areas around the knobs to remove drips and grime that may have accumulated. Be sure to wipe the grill’s side panels (burners)with soap water.

Thoroughly rinse the exterior surface with a gentle spray from the hose water to keep it from foaming spots because of the soap bubbles. And use a stainless cleaner to keep the surface looking shiny.

Gas Grill Cleaning Hacks


Gas grills are important equipment for those days when you’re hosting your buddies in your backyard and want to enjoy some barbecue, and they’re equally important for when you’re camping with the kids. However, if you don’t keep it clean then you might not enjoy your delicacies due to the accumulating food residue from the grates.


Vinegar has been hailed as one of the best cleaning helpers around. Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all over your grill, and use an aluminum foil that is rolled to a ball to scrape grime.


Besides seasoning your meat, you can also use beer to clean your gas grill by pouring it over the greasy grates. Make sure the grates are warm to get the desired effect. Beer breaks down oil and grease to make cleaning easy. Use a bristle brush to clean the grates.


Enzymes found in the onion make it great at removing oil and grease. Cut it in half and stick it on your fork. Rub the onion on top of the grates and scrub with your bristle brush.

Remember to replace your bristle brush regularly, as it is a huge safety hazard. Inspect your grills and foods for any loose bristle.

With your clean grill, you are set to invite your friends over for some delicious grill recipes, like grilled steak. A clean grill will have your visitors longing for your food, and you will get compliments over the same.