Enhancing Your Furniture’s Value Using Wireless Charging – A Brief Introduction to Wireless Charging Furniture

The wires and charging cables for your electronic gadgets can be cumbersome as they get in the way of the room’s overall aesthetics. They were necessary some time back, but not now that wireless charging technology is popping up everywhere – including on furniture. To this end, almost every furniture dealer now offers a bedside table with wireless charging. 

So, do you offer furniture pieces such as bedside tables with wireless charging? You don’t have to be as big as IKEA to make it happen. 

How Does Wireless Charging Integrate with Furniture? 

It is important to understand how wireless charging works before you can start integrating it into your furniture. The concept involves inductive technology via an induction coil. The charger features a base induction coil, while the device getting charged (such as a smartphone) features a receiver variation of the induction coil. 

Wireless charging requires both devices to be in proximity. However, they don’t have to touch, as the electromagnetic waves can pass through some surfaces. This is why wireless chargers can be installed on furniture without standing out. 

Wood is one of the materials through which electromagnetic waves can pass. However, it is advisable to limit the width to 50mm, as too much density can restrict the waves. 

Other materials through which electromagnetic waves can pass include ceramic, glass, granite, plastic, marble, and quartz. Consequently, you can work with a versatile range of materials for unique furniture and still include wireless charging. However, the waves cannot pass through metal and some other dense materials. 

The Appeal in a Wireless Charging Bedside Table 

Wireless charging furniture doesn’t look any different from ordinary furniture. However, it has multiple benefits. 

The most obvious benefit of wireless charging furniture is that users can charge their devices just by placing them on a specific spot on the furniture. This is convenient in many situations, especially for businesses. For example, wireless charging tables at restaurants (and many other businesses) improve customer experience (often resulting in higher revenues). 

Another notable benefit of wireless charging furniture is that it reduces (or entirely eliminates) the need for wires. Wires make a space appear cluttered, are cumbersome, and can even cause accidents

You Will Need a Reliable Wireless Charging Solution 

All you require to start offering wireless furniture is a wireless charger. Design your furniture like you usually do, and then install the wireless charger beneath the furniture’s surface. However, a poor-quality wireless charger may not work as well as your customers expect. 

You will need a good-quality wireless charger to ensure that your wireless charging bedside table works flawlessly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wireless Charger

Some of the factors to consider in a wireless charger include: 


Most modern devices feature wireless charging technology, but the technology varies slightly between different brands. Consequently, some wireless chargers may be incompatible with some devices. This can limit your customer base, so ensure that your wireless chargers are compatible with as many devices as possible. 


Density may restrict a wireless charger’s electromagnetic waves. Ideally, your wireless charging solution should be able to penetrate the width of your furniture’s surface. Some wireless chargers can penetrate 50mm of wood. 


Wireless charging is traditionally slow, but modern wireless chargers are faster and more powerful. Your customers shouldn’t wait forever for their devices to power up, so consider charging speed


Ideally, your chosen wireless charging device should last as long as your furniture. It would be inconvenient for your customers to have to replace the device after a few months. As such, ensure that you get good-quality and durable wireless chargers. 

Try It! 

Offering wireless charging features in your furniture will improve its value and attract more customers. It is easy, and you can do it with your current resources. Try it today, and ensure that you use good-quality wireless chargers.