Best Record Player Under 100 – Vinyl Players With Built-In Speakers

Vinyl records have somehow found their way back into society. And they are here to stay. However, as you go to get your little taste of the old-school magic, you can’t afford to go splurging on the most expensive machine out there.

There are some affordable record players that still come with that vintage aesthetic that most people find attractive. They also feature a couple of modern technological tweaks, including providing the perfect audio, to make the experience more worthwhile

We’ve sieved through the chaff and assembled for you the best record player under 100 that your money will get you.

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Best Record Players Under 100 Reviews 2022

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Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player


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Udreamer Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Speakers



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Seeying Record Player with Speakers Bluetooth Turntable


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Zbrqoti Vinyl Record Player – Vintage Suitcase Turntable 3


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Vinyl Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Speaker


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1. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

When looking for an affordable record player, you want something that looks good, yet still offers a wide range of functionality. Well, nothing quite meets the two criteria as good as our number one, the Victrola vintage suitcase record player.

At just under $50, this record player comes packed with a variety of both classic and modern features. This includes a 3.4mm aux-in jack port and a built-in Bluetooth technology.

So, in addition to playing all your vinyl records, you can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device or non-Bluetooth device.

Another outstanding feature is its portable briefcase design. And only measuring 13.9” by 10.1” by 5”, the player is made for portability. You can carry it with you almost anywhere.

The device also incorporates a 3-speed belt-driven turntable, and the built-in stereo speakers allow it to play music from anywhere. Additionally, you can add extra external speakers via the RCA Aux-in or play them directly to your headphones through a headphone jack.

As that’s not enough, the Victrola comes in a variety of colors and a variety of designs to choose from depending on your taste.

Why You Should Get This

  • features a fashionable suitcase design that is easy to carry around
  • has a built-in Bluetooth receiver so you can play music from modern digital devices
  • comes in a variety of designs and colors 
  • has  RCA output for connection with external speakers
  • It’s quite affordable

2. Udreamer Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Speakers

There are a lot of features that make the Udreamer Vinyl Record Player a worthy adversary among its competitors. But what stands out most is its premium quality vintage design.

Unlike those fake-looking plastic replicas, this particular player is made using classic vintage wood material. So when not playing music, it will look good just sitting on your tabletop.

Its fine aesthetics are combined with modern technology, including wireless Bluetooth, so you get to enjoy your retro-style music even from your phone.

Besides Bluetooth, the Udreamer also has a USB connection and RCA line out so you can amplify your sound to external speakers. And when on the move, the built-in stereo speakers will play your music just fine.

Also included are 3 listening speed capabilities, and to make the deal even sweeter, the player accommodates up to 3 sizes of records.

That is 7” 10” and 12”. Other perks to its design include a spring enabled on the turntable base and a belt-driven design that absorbs any surplus shock for smother quality music.

Why You Should Get This

  • Has a classy vintage design, made of real wood
  • Can play up to 3 speeds and 3 sizes of records
  • Incorporates a spring to absorb excess sound
  • Comes from an established brand with good customer service

3. Seeying Record Player with Speakers Bluetooth Turntable

Now, this particular record player takes a more modern, digital approach. Therefore, in addition to the vinyl turntable, the Seeying record player comes inclusive of other features you’d find in any modern stereo.

This includes an FM stereo and a clear channel screen. With this, you get to select and play radio programs just as an ordinary radio. Additionally, it has a built-in Bluetooth receiver that instantly connects to your enabled devices.

Despite all this, the record player is quite affordable. You can get it for just under $70. Additionally, it comes in a vintage wood design, which is also packed with all the extra digital features.

Like most other quality turntables, it has up to 3 speeds and supports up to 3 sizes of vinyl records (7/10/12 inches). The turntable itself also incorporates a spring in its design to absorb the shock for higher quality sound.

With respect to design and functionality, this beautiful record player is simply the perfect gift you’d give an old friend.

Why You Should Get This

  • Has features of a modern stereo including an FM stereo radio and clear screen channel
  • Has alternative vintage designs you can choose depending on your home décor
  • Can play 3 speeds and 3 different sizes of record
  • Features an RCA cable to connect to external speakers

4. Zbrqoti Vinyl Record Player – Vintage Suitcase Turntable 3

This particular Vinyl Record Player comes with the perks of a suitcase design player. It is portable and lightweight so you can move around with it.

Plus, it has this stylish rustic appeal that just makes you look 10 times cooler as you enjoy your music on that picnic with the lady. The Zbrqoti also features quite a simple setup, which will suffice for anyone who’s experimenting with records for the first time.

With this baby, you get operations for 3 Speeds (33, 45, 78PM), and it can handle up to 3 sizes of Vinyl records (7, 10,12inch).

The Zbrqoti vinyl record player is also equipped with modern features like a multi-play channel and Bluetooth version 4.2. The player’s primary sound output is two front-facing stereo speakers, so you can play your music on the go.

You also have the option of connecting extra speakers through RCA jacks positioned at the back. With its combined features and overall personality, this player is great for trips, patio, or bedroom environments, where it is sure to add a little pizzazz to the ambiance.

Why You Should Get This

  • Features a suitcase design and is lightweight for easy portability
  • The design is quite beautiful, with a simple setup
  • Is digitally enabled with features like Bluetooth and a multi-play channel

5. Vinyl Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Speaker

Of all the players we’ve featured on our list, this next Vinyl Turntable from Udreamer is arguably the most powerful. The device comes equipped with 2*3W powerful speakers, which harness enough power to provide louder, crisper sound.

It also features a built-in woofer on the inside to provide extra bass and treble, to deliver an overall full stereo experience.

As you may expect, the modern-looking player also comes with the usual RCA line out as well as an AUX-in hack so you can hook up external speakers for when you need more sound. Its fresh white design allows it to easily blend with any modern home.

For even more convenience, the machine also has a few extra features like a built-in Bluetooth receiver so you can wirelessly play music from your phone, plus a USB port to play from your USB flash drive.

Additionally, you get a headphone jack for when you want to enjoy your music in silence. The all-rounded device supports 3 speeds and 3 different-sized vinyl records.  It also has an arm lifter to protect your pieces of vinyl from scratching.

Why you should get this

  • Has really powerful built-in speakers with a woofer for extra bass
  • Has all the modern features like Bluetooth, USB, and a headphone jack for versatile output and input
  • Features a classy looking fresh white design that blends easily with modern homes
  • Has an arm lifter to keep your records secure from scratching
  • It Plays 3 speeds and 3 sizes of vinyl

Choosing the Best Record Player Under 100: Portable and Affordable Vinyl, Vintage and Other Players with Built-In Speakers-The Ultimate Buying Guide

So you’ve already gone through our recommended list for affordable record players. You’ve probably even identified one that appeals to you.

However, before you make your purchase, there are certain factors that you should consider to get a good deal.

You see, since you are buying a generally low-priced machine, there are bound to be a few features that have been traded off for others.

We shall look at some common factors that contribute to the overall functionality of a record player, so you can make a more informed decision.

Speaker Power: A Loud Surround!

Speaker power generally falls under 3 categories. – Low, medium, and high. You can select either one depending on your listening purpose.

For example, if you want to use the player in outdoor events, parties, and celebrations, you’d be better off with a high-powered player. Speaker power is what allows you to project sound or reduce it without losing sound quality.

Typically, low-budget record players will feature less power; however, you can still get your pick of a relatively high-powered device if you check the specifications close enough.

This is because technology has allowed many modern-day manufacturers to produce higher-powered, yet budget-friendly speakers.

Audio Clarity: For That Crisper, Non-Screech Sound!

The clarity of the audio is arguably even more important than how loud the sound is. To get full satisfaction, you want a player that produces flawless sound without all the scratches.

That said, measuring audio quality is not as easy as it seems. In most cases, you’ll only realize this after you have bought the device and have it in hand. 

To be totally transparent, the more expensive record players offer better sound clarity. Your best move here would be to check on the product’s description, which you’ll likely find on the manufacturer’s product specification page.

Size And Weight: Something You Can Actually Carry Around!

The size and weight of the player are what determine just how easy the device will be to move around with or to store away in small spaces.

If you like your music accompanying you on your travel adventures, you should definitely check for a lightweight, compact machine. The suitcase-designed record players are especially good or this.

On the other hand, if you just want something for your bedroom or living room area, then you can settle for a larger-sized player. By commanding more room presence, large-sized players are more likely to be noticed.

Therefore if you are going for this, also check that it has a pleasant aesthetic, so it looks good sitting in your living room area.

Speeds: For Better Control!

Most models in the budget category will feature up to 3 speeds. This should be pretty satisfactory for any use. The more speeds, the more control you get over your music. In this case, you want to check for diverse RPM so you can listen to a diverse range of music.

Bluetooth And Other Connections: Enjoy Your Music From Your Phone Even!

Most people nowadays use digital devices. Therefore, most record players today will include features to satisfy this group of people and their needs. A higher range of digital-like connectivity will allow you to play music from multiple sources other than the vinyl record.

Therefore, check that it has as many connections as possible, like USB, Bluetooth, or an SD card reader. Bluetooth will play music wirelessly from Bluetooth-supported devices, while USB will link you up with your PC or a flash drive. Some even have AUX input ports so you can play music through an aux cable from your phone.

Another thing you’ll appreciate in a good player is an external speaker connection. This will often come in the form of an RCA port and cable.

With external speakers, you get to amplify your sound in case the built-in speakers are not clear or loud enough. Therefore, it is important that you check your turntable for an RCA.

Design: For Smoother, Easier User Experience!

When talking about design, we mostly refer to the usability of the turntable. You see, some extra features may decrease the usability or durability of the player.

For example, fancy shapes and extra decorations make it really hard to clean the player. They may also affect the overall personality and appeal of your player.

Therefore when checking design, try and settle for something that compliments your particular style without looking too out of place. You also want something versatile and easy to operate on the day-to-day.

Also, on design, some record players are built for portability; they are often compact and will have a handle of sorts. In this case, you also want to ensure that it is lightweight and small as well, so it can fit in small spaces.

Tips When Using A Record Player

Using a record player is pretty simple and straightforward. In fact, most modern designs are plug_and_play, so it all falls down to setting up your vinyl record and hitting play.

However, there are a few things we’ll address to makes sure that your record player doesn’t break down before its time. 

  • Avoid picking up the needle from the middle point– since a record is really sensitive, picking up the middle point might lead to damage. Instead, you want to pick it up from as much to the edge of the record as possible. Some players come with arm lifters for this.
  • Don’t remove the record from a spinning platter – some users have a tendency of detaching the record from the turntables platter before the platter stops turning. If done repeatedly, this causes scratched, which eventually damages the quality of the record. Therefore, it is best you wait till it completely stops rotating before removing it.
  • Queue in the right way – improper queuing will affect the quality of the record. It can also cause the needle to break down. Instead, you want to use a queuing lever. This helps you position your needle as per your preference.
  • Avoid touching the record with bare fingers – much as it might seem harmless, prolonged touching of a record can cause the record to generate. It may leave stains, which eventually cause permanent dents.
  • Clean your needle regularly and your record in a gentle manner – a record should be cleaned after every few days of playing. Try and do it gently, using either a recorder cleaning mat or a carbon brush. 

During idle time, have it covered with a rag or a lid. Also, if you are to use soap, only do so in fewer amounts. If you use too much or scrub too hard, it might permanently damage your record.

After cleaning, let it dry out first before playing it again. A wet record can damage your player.

The needle also needs regular maintenance. Ensure that it is clean at all times, then use a magnifying glass to ensure that the needle’s edge has a round shape. This ensures that the player runs smoothly.

To Sum It Up!

Although budget-type record players generally fall short when it comes to super high-quality sound output, they are still a good way to start. Plus, with modern technology, they still a ford a pretty wide array of features.

We have tried to make our article as comprehensive as possible, and have selected only the best record players for you. Once you’ve learned your way around the art, maybe then, you can appreciate the value of investing in a more expensive player.