Best Gaming Monitor Brands

Gaming has its fair share of potential benefits. For starters, experts say this activity can enhance manual dexterity, increase gray matter in the brain, and improve social skills.

But to enjoy everything gaming offers, you need top-notch gadgets, and monitors are no exception. A gaming monitor determines your gameplay experience and in-game performance. That is why you should be very careful while choosing this component, especially when building your own gaming PC at home.

This piece will introduce you to 5 of the best gaming monitoring brands available today.


What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor

Before diving in, below are several factors that gamers need to consider while picking gaming monitors.  

  • Response time: Gaming monitors need lower response time for better picture quality and reduced ghosting.
  • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology: This feature is indispensable in preventing the stutter and screen tearing caused by unstable frame rates.
  • Resolution: The pixels in a resolution determine how sharp and clear images will be when gaming.
  • Viewing comfort: This covers crucial aspects for gamers, including low blue level and flicker-free technology, which affect your comfort, especially during extended gaming sessions. While investing in the right monitors, do not forget to purchase valuable gaming chairs to ensure overall comfort.

5 Outstanding Monitors for Avid Gamers

Below are some of the best gaming monitors. 

1. Asus

Asus Gaming Monitor

Most gamers, from seasoned pros to novices, are familiar with Asus devices, especially premium and midrange gaming laptops. A good example is the formidable Asus ROG Zephyrus G15, with its 15.6” display, 8+ hours of battery life, and more.

But did you know Asus makes some of the best gaming monitors too? Although Asus makes different products, including office models, the brand’s passion for empowering gamers, professional esports players, and streamers has encouraged it to focus more on making exceptional gaming screens.

Two qualities make Asus’s gaming monitors a marvel: fascinating ergonomics and excellent build quality. With an outstanding Asus gaming screen, your comfort will be uncompromised. Why? Asus’s devices have numerous vital features, like the ASUS Flicker-Free technology designed to cut flicker and protect your eyes from strains, fatigue, and irritation.  

2. Gigabyte

Gigabyte Gaming Monitor

GIGABYTE is primarily a motherboard vendor. In 2015 alone, the Taiwanese company shipped a record-breaking 4.8 million motherboards.

That said, although GIGABYTE is a low-key manufacturer yet to become popular for other products besides motherboards, this company boasts some of the best gaming monitors today.

Gigabyte gaming monitors come with several outstanding features. For instance, many come with VRR support to eradicate image tearing and ensure you get a smooth gaming experience. Gigabyte display screens also have a great response time that reduces input lag.

Most importantly, Gigabyte monitors have a wide variety of colors, making them pretty decent for HDR (high dynamic range) gaming.

3. Samsung

Samsung Gaming Monitor

Samsung boasts a gamut of high-end devices, from popular smartphones and laptops to memory chips and home appliances. But recently, we’ve come to know this brand as a force of nature due to its exemplary gaming monitors.

The gaming screens made by Samsung are nothing short of other-worldly, especially the curved ones. Their designs allow gamers to relish everything at once with as little strain as possible. And that is vital, especially to gaming enthusiasts who love big screens.

Additionally, most quality Samsung gaming monitors have lightning-fast refresh rates and impressive HDR. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is a good case in point. This absolute beast offers gamers a 240Hz refresh rate and support for HDR 2000.

4. Alienware

Alienware Gaming Monitor

If you want a smooth, responsive gaming experience, a good Alienware monitor won’t disappoint.

Dell USA makes Alienware monitors. These gadgets have become a favorite for many gamers because they have a high build quality and incorporate industry-leading features that make games come to life.

In fact, Alienware gaming machines are so amazing that enthusiasts call them “space tech” and “tanks.” Take the Alienware AW2721D Gaming Monitor as an example. This otherworldly device comes with numerous top-notch features, including adaptive sync and a 240Hz response rate.

5. HP

HP Gaming Monitor

HP is a reputable monitor brand that offers countless budget devices ideal for numerous functions, including gaming, graphic design, and watching flicks.

Speaking of gaming, HP has several enviable monitor options. These include the HP Omen 27c, which comes with a 240Hz refresh rate, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and all the ports you need to plug and play, including an HDMI port, USB-A, and USB-C.

Most HP gaming monitors also deliver Full High Definition (FHD). An avid gamer needs such a feature to enjoy their favorite games spectacularly. 

Not to forget, you can easily find an HP gaming monitor compatible with consoles like Xbox Series X and PS5.

Take Your In-Game Experience to the Next Level Today

The road to enjoying an advanced gaming experience starts with using the right gadgets, especially monitors.

And when looking for top-notch gaming monitors, shop products from the brands we’ve recommended, including Asus, Gigabyte, and Alienware. That will ensure that you have exemplary display screens with everything needed to relish a smooth gaming experience with little to no flickers, input lag, and many other deal-breakers.