Best Cheap Beach Umbrellas – With Poles To Withstand Winds

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a nice day at the beach in the hot summer. But with the harsh sun beating down, threatening to tear your skin off, this can quickly turn into a devastating affair. So you brought out your sunscreen and sunglasses, tanning lotion, and a cold beer to help drown your sorrows. But it just doesn’t cut it, does it?

Your ordinary umbrella can only do so much without the risk of going with the wind and impaling your poor compadre’s right eye. Well, you can rest easy now, because there’s a simple solution for all your afflictions – a beach umbrella.

The very best kinds of beach umbrellas come equipped with features that enable them to hold their ground against harsh winds. They are usually made from some strong material like aluminum or steel, and will therefore stand put amidst extreme conditions. They are still generally lightweight and feature cool designs so you can look a little classy as you bask in the shade.

But not all beach umbrellas are made the same. Some are either too light or too flimsy to give you the protection you desire. This is why we’ve done our survey and compiled a list of the very best cheap beach umbrellas out there.

Oh! Summer and photos go hand in hand, and if you have a good camera, your photos under that beautiful beach umbrella will be amazing. Let’s take a look!

Best Cheap Beach Umbrellas According to Reviews 2022

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Aclumsy 7ft Beach Umbrella with Tilt Aluminum Pole

Aclumsy 7ft Beach Umbrella with Tilt Aluminum Pole

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Best Value

EasyGo 8 Foot Heavy Duty HIGH Wind Beach Umbrella

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MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

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Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella

Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella

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YATIO 7ft Beach Umbrella SPF-UPF100

YATIO 7ft Beach Umbrella SPF/UPF100+

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1. Aclumsy 7ft Beach Umbrella with Tilt Aluminum Pole

Aclumsy 7ft Beach Umbrella with Tilt Aluminum Pole

Despite its oddly discouraging brand name, the Aclumsy beach umbrella is anything but clumsy. In fact, with its impressive array of features, this baby is one umbrella any regular beachgoer would be proud to own.

The umbrella extends to a full length of 7 feet, heavily supported by a combination of elements including a 1.26” aluminum pole, a 0.13” steel rib plus a solid anchor. Making it one of the most sturdy and stable umbrellas on our list.’

But that is not all the ” A_not_so_clumsy” has to offer. The umbrella is constructed using oxford fabric, doubled down with a silver coating to offer you 100% protection from UV rays. It has an air vented flap canopy at the top to encourage airflow and intuitively discourage the umbrella from inverting. The unit is also made such that it is super easy to set up.

Here, it only needs a simple twist for the integrated sand anchor to secure it in place. It also has a tilting mechanism so you can easily adjust it with respect to the moving sun. Also included with the package is a portable bag that perfectly accommodated the bag that is classy enough to use for every occasion.


  • Constructed using sturdy aluminum and steel material to keep it steady
  • Features an air vented flap canopy to keep it from inverting
  • Lightweight and really easy to set up
  • Nicely balanced size and shape for easy portability


  • The connecting piece holding the two poles together might get loose with strong winds

2. EasyGo 8 Foot Heavy Duty HIGH Wind Beach Umbrella

With a canopy diameter of nearly 8 feet, it would be more appropriate calling EasyGo Beach Umbrella a shelter instead of an umbrella. Only this one boasts of some nice bright colors to add some personality to it.

Despite its noticeably large size, the Easy go is still relatively lightweight, therefore easy to carry. It is also is constructed using anodized aluminum, so it easily holds up against strong winds. The poles themselves feature height adjustment options and have an easy tilt mechanism so you can adjust according to the sun’s position.

Another thing you’ll appreciate about the EasyGo is the 16 fiberglass ribs specially built in to extend their durability. As with other well-thought-out beach umbrellas, its canopy is vented to release air as it comes and therefore avoids cover inversion. The package comes with a fabric carry bag so you can carry it wherever and heavy-duty screws that help anchor the umbrella into the sand.


  • Has a wide diameter to accommodate large numbers
  • The pole is made using quality rust-free anodize aluminum, so its quite durable
  • Features a bright array of colors that just sets a jovial mode


  • Colors tend to fade over time
  • Some users claim that the pole is a little too short to secure the umbrella properly before opening
  • Might be a bit big for one or two people

3. MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

MOVTOP is one brand that is especially known for its keenness to style and classiness of its product. Well, with the MOVTOPTOP beach umbrella, you can expect no less. With its beachy blue and white stripes, the umbrella gives out this simple, yet clean and classy aesthetic.

In fact, it blends best with the blue sea and most outdoor chairs. The umbrella is made up of quality 160g silver-plated polyester fabric, which offers the popular UPF50+ protection from  99% of ultraviolet rays.

The MOVTOPTOP also comes with all the other smart features of high-end umbrellas, including ventilation spaces for more stability, a tilt mechanism so you can control the angle of the shade, and a 2-in-1 aluminum anchor pole that is strong enough to last.

The pole is also outfitted with a sand anchor tip, and you have the option of placing it in a base.  Al only 3.9 lbs, the umbrella itself is really lightweight. It features a collapsible design that lets it reduce to only 46,” making it really easy to carry around.


  • Is really lightweight with a collapsible design for easy portability
  • Has clean, classy aesthetics
  • Features an intuitive tilt mechanism


  • Some users claim that the stripes came out all entangled
  • The bottom screw doesn’t hold up hat well. you might need a separate sand anchor.

4. Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella

Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella

The Sport-Brella Canopy Umbrella is more of a two-in-one special kind of umbrella. You see, when it is not an umbrella, it takes the role of a mini convertible tent in its spare time. This is all thanks to its side panels and wind flaps that you can pull down when you need full-on weather protection or a little extra privacy.

Like you’d expect from such a technologically inclined tool, the Sport-Brella is fully wear-repellent and has UPF 50+ weather protection. This meant that you’ll always be secure from UVB and UVA rays. The umbrella itself features a dual canopy design with wind vents and tapered side windows to enhance the smoothness of the airflow.

Its telescoping pole is held strongly in place by a lever, although you have the option of adding a little extra strength with some heavy-duty ground stakes.


  • Has a special design with side panels to offer all-round cover
  • Is wear repellant
  • Has an easy to adjust telescopic pole


  • Stakes might not hold up well on sand. Especially when its really windy
  • The flaps don’t hook to the top when you don’t need them(like the previous version)

5. YATIO 7ft Beach Umbrella SPF/UPF100+

YATIO 7ft Beach Umbrella SPF-UPF100

Technology was meant to make work easier. It was made so that when we go to the beach to relax, we don’t have to get up and physically tilt our umbrellas every 2 minutes, the sun shifts position. Perhaps this is why the YATIO Beach Umbrella comes so highly recommended. With a push-button tilt mechanism in place, you only have to push a button to adjust the umbrella to your different shading needs.

As if that is not enough, the umbrella is made using this durable, sturdy stainless steel frame that will withstand a hurricane. The Yatio also has in place a telescopic pole for easy adjustment of height, which goes as tall as 7 feet.

For support, the umbrella makes use of its integrated long turf anchor, which goes 8.5” long. This should suffice in keeping the umbrella in place during strong winds. Additionally, the 300 denier polyester fabric used to make this baby is proven to offer 1000% protection from the sun, with a whooping UPF100+ rating. This is by far the strongest we’ve seen so far.


  • The Push-button tilt mechanism is quite easy to use
  • Has a durable, sturdy steel frame
  • The fabric is solid with UPF 100+ rating
  • Easy to carry and assemble
  • Has top vents


  • Poles could have been a little thicker; you may have to bore it down to the ground for stability.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Beach Umbrella: With Poles To Withstand Winds – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Is the beach calling out your name? Your bikini wear is ready for you, you already know the outdoor activities you’ll engage in with family and friends but you just don’t know whether the harsh sun rays will let you have a good time as you relax unless you get a beach umbrella. Here are some factors to consider before you get one.

Design: It’s Not Always About The Looks Folks!

Much as it might be tempting to gravitate towards those sparkly colorful designs, the design element extends to much more than just the outward aesthetic of the umbrella. It would be best if you also considered the make of the umbrellas. This includes its internal components and how well they contribute to the overall functionality of the umbrella.

You want to ensure that your beach umbrella of choice actually fulfills its intended task and lasts long beyond its time. For this,  It needs to be resistant to the three main elements of weather. That is the wind, sun, and water.

Wind Resistance: Stand Tall Against Raging Storms!

Of all the elements, the wind is arguably the most threatening to the durability of your umbrella. Strong winds have been known to literally snap the umbrella in half or blow it away to kingdom come. Therefore, it is vital that you get an umbrella that is designed to resist wind.

For this, most quality beach umbrellas will feature ventilation of sorts to allow the smooth passage of air, which prevents it from inverting. Make sure that the ribs of the umbrella are constructed using reliable material as well, such as fiberglass, to keep it from flipping inside out or breaking apart. Fiberglass is especially good because of its ability to bend and flex and its resistance to rust.

Another thing you’ll need to keep your umbrella rooted to the ground is an anchor. We shall look at some of the main types you’ll find out there down below.

Anchoring Your Umbrella: The Different Types Of Anchors!

As you’ve seen, the anchor has a primordial role to play in boosting your umbrella’s resistance to wind. In this case, there are three main ways you can anchor an umbrella.

Using stakes

Stakes are used mostly for hybrid sun umbrellas or shelters. They work much like a tent, whereby you drive the stakes into the ground and then hook them up to the umbrella using ropes. The use of stakes is ideally the most wind-resistant design; however, it also depends on just how secure you fasten your stakes.


Anchors will often come in two designs. You can get either prongs or a screw system. With prongs, you simply have to push them deep into the sand, and they’ll provide a pretty decent amount of anchorage. For best results, you’ll want to aim for denser sand.

On the other hand, the screw method involves literally screwing the base of the umbrella into the sand. When compared to prongs, this method is more secure. However, it needs a little more effort.


Finally, we have the sandbag method. As the name implies, you’ll need to fill up a bag with sand and make it heavy enough to hold down your umbrella at its base. This method is both easy to use and relatively secure when compared to the others.

Sun protection: UPF rating; what does it mean?

You’ve probably seen the term UPF on most of the products we’ve reviewed above. In full, it stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. As you might have guessed, it refers to the ability of the umbrella to filter out UV rays.

The very best beach umbrellas should do just fine with a UPF 50+ rating. This means that they can block out 99% of UV rays. Any higher rating will guarantee even better results. With the Ultraviolet Protection Factor you can rest assured that your skin will be perfectly safe from sunburns, even during the peak hours of the day.

Size: Is Bigger Always Better?

When looking at size, you need to consider two things. The height of the umbrella and the width of the canopy it forms. Most umbrellas would be at the height of about 7 feet, which is good enough for comfort and easy use. Avoid anything less than 7 feet.

When looking at the width, you need to have in mind how many people you plan on harboring inside or the amount of equipment you’ll likely have with you on the beach. Is it for just you, or will you need shade for the whole family? Will you only be fitting in a mat for one, or you’ll need chairs as well and maybe even a refrigerator for your beer?

Also, some umbrellas feature extra side panels, which will be good for a little extra privacy. These types also offer more all-around protection from the elements. You want to check that they have zippered windows on the size or a top opening for when you want a better view.

Price: It Doesn’t Have To Be Too Expensive!

As with most other precious commodities out there, you stand to get better, in terms of quality, with a higher-priced umbrella. With a more expensive option, you’ll get the promise of durability, better construction, better design, and better overall protection from the weather.

Therefore, much as you may already have your own set budget, you’ll want to strike a balance between quality and affordability. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, either. Nowadays, you can get a really good umbrella going from as little as $20.

Material: For Portability And Ease Of Use!

For most people, you’ll find that in addition to your umbrella, you’ll likely be carrying all those beach necessities in hand. It is only smart that your umbrella is lightweight. In most cases, the weight of the umbrella will be determined by the materials used in making it.

Aluminum and steel are the most preferred materials for your pole. They are not only lightweight but also durable. Often, you’ll find them having a powder-coated or anodized finish for some extra resilience. Avoid going for wooden poles. Although the material looks aesthetically appealing, wood is also incredibly heavy. Therefore, wooden umbrellas are most suitable for a fixed location, such as in the garden or around the pool.

Also, it’s more convenient to get an umbrella that breaks down into several pieces. This makes packing and carrying much easier.


In summary, it doesn’t really take much to get sunburns, but with a beach umbrella at hand, you’ll realize that it doesn’t take much to prevent them either. With the help of our detailed reviews and buying guide, hopefully, you are now in a position to enjoy your day at the beach safely.

We’ve tried to make our selection both affordable and functional, and we are sure that anyone you pick will be satisfactory. Remember to dust off your best gas grill in order to enjoy some delicacies while you have fun at the beach.