8 Cool Bathroom Tile Ideas

There are tons of cool bathroom tile ideas to try. So whether you’re looking for cool bathroom shower tile ideas or general bathroom tile, there’s something for you. Depending on the surface texture of your bathroom floor or walls, the best tile enhances bathroom aesthetics, is easy to install, durable, and affordable. 

However, finding the right modern-looking bathroom tile can be a hassle. So, we’ve put together this guide to point you in the right direction. So, let’s get to it!

1. 3D Tile

This is a ceramic wall tile made in Italy and comprises approximately 20% recycled material. The 3D bathroom tile comes in various colors: grey blade, grey ribbon, grey matte, white wave, and white twist, giving you multiple choices to consider depending on your preferred color. In addition, the 3D tile series is best for bathroom walls.

2. Flash

Flash is a ceramic wall tile consisting of 40% recycled material and is available in multiple colors like blush, cobalt, grey, graphite, ivory, lead, and white. Flash tile has a fine texture, soft glaze and is best suited for vertical bathroom applications.

3. Digital Art

Digital Art tile is made from rectified glazed porcelain using digital print technology to give your bathroom a modern look. The tile series come in various colors, including Bianco, denim, ecru, grey, night, and mix deco, giving you plenty of options to consider depending on your preference.

4. Cementine Posa

Cementine Posa tile adds vigor, charm, and elegance to any bathroom floor and walls, making it one cool bathroom floor tile to consider. This tile series is available in five fabulous designs, which presents numerous ways to use it. Therefore, you can use it to create unique bathroom design layouts.

5. Cementine Retro

Cementine retro is a porcelain tile with a classic touch. The design looks like the 60s and 80s fabric, making it more relatable to people from this period. However, it still fits people born outside this period. Cementine retro is best for bathroom walls and floors.

6. Cementine Black and White

Cementine black and white tile series is available in full box quantities. Each box includes 12 designs, giving you multiple design ideas to try on your bathroom floors. In addition, the tile is made of porcelain using digital print technology and adds charm and vintage effect to bathrooms.

7. Paloma

Paloma tile is made in Spain from over 65% recycled material content. It’s available in various designs and colors to add unmatchable aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. These include the glossy and matte alabaster, glossy camel, cloud glossy, and cotton glossy and matte. Paloma tile is best suited for interior bathroom walls.

8. Cementine Evo

Cementine Evo tile is a patterned tile that makes bathrooms exciting and welcoming. The tile is made using digital print technology and comprises 20% recycled material. The design is inspired by the 60s, 70s, and 80s fabrics, adding the classic touch to your bathroom floor and walls.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider when Shopping for Cool Bathroom Tiles

1. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is influenced by tile type, color, finish, and pattern design. For example, you can consider porcelain, ceramics, digital art, Paloma, granite, marble, quartz, glass, dolomite, basalt, and soapstone based on the type of tile. The options are endless, but these few will suffice.

In addition, there are different patterned tile designs like Cementine Posa, Cementine Black and White, Cementine Evo, Cementine Retro, Chymia, and Reverie. The patterns are numerous and give you plenty of design options to consider for your bathroom.

Based on tile finish type, you can choose from mate, glossy, anti-slip, antiqued, background, brushed, bush-hammered, gauged, honed, smooth, polished, natural cleft, and satin. 3D finish types like the 3D grey blade, 3D grey ribbon, and 3D white matter are great options too. When considering the finish type, it shouldn’t be too sleek as this can put you at risk of tripping. 

2. Installation

Bathroom tile should be easy to install without the hassle, whether you’re setting up the bathroom floor or walls. In addition, if the work is less tasking, you won’t have to spend much. To that end, this consideration works well if you’re on a budget or in need of affordable deals. An example of easy to install bathroom tile is the 3D tile or Cementine retro.

3. Durability

The right bathroom tile is made from sturdy material like marble, ballast, porcelain, and granite, to name a few. The last thing you want is to do frequent repairs and tile replacements because this can overstretch your budget. That’s why it’s advisable to only go for sturdy bathroom tile. 

Final thoughts

There are several cool bathroom tile ideas you can try out. However, if you love the trendy, modern-looking bathroom, we can help you get started with our cool bathroom tiles.