6 Kitchen Gadgets Under $5

While rewarding, cooking can be a tedious experience, especially if you don’t have all the right equipment at your disposal. Besides the standard kitchen equipment such as ovens and cooktops, you need a host of smaller food prep tools. From cookie dough cutters to strainers to lemon squeezers, food prep tools add matchless convenience to your cooking experience. They allow you to get more done in less time.

We’ve combed the internet and identified six kitchen gadgets under $5 that will transform your cooking experience.

1. Stainless-Steel Dough Cutter

With its straight stainless-steel blade and stylish long wooden handle, this dough cutter is perfect for handling and cutting dough. The full-width handle makes for an easy and comfortable grip as you mix wet and dry ingredients, scoop flour into the dough, or flip the dough.

This versatile tool is perfect for every step of the baking process. Working with sticky, wet sourdough (or any dough, really) has never been easier, as this handy gadget lets you knead and portion the batter without touching it with your hands. Besides slicing and portioning dough, this tool doubles as a scraper for easy cleanup.

2. Stainless-Steel Fine Mesh Strainer 

Sturdy, well-designed, and durable, this strainer comes with a super fine mesh to handle all your baking and straining needs. The stainless-steel mesh lends a professional touch when dusting desserts with powdered sugar and decorating pastry or baked goods. No more wasted product or creating a messy as this strainer allows precise control.

Love to make fresh juice or sauces? This strainer ensures they’re both pulp and seed-free. It affords you greater control when dusting dessert with powdered sugar. With its 8-inch ergonomic handle and a convenient hook on the opposite end, this strainer is easy to use. The small diameter lets the strainer fits over your measuring cups, so you can measure out and strain clumpy ingredients simultaneously.

3. Apple Corer With Handle

With its 8-section slicer, this apple corer with two convenient handles adds versatility to your kitchen. It whittles down the process of slicing apples in one swift motion. Now you can get through large batches of apples without breaking a sweat.

The sharp blades are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum to serve you for a long time. Sturdy aluminum handles on opposite sides allow for a comfortable, ergonomic two-handed grip for cutting precision.

The specially designed handles coupled with sharp blades make the cutting process swift and effortless. Cutting apples pitted peaches, and plums have never been easier with this durable and easy-to-clean kitchen tool.

4. Choice 6-inch White Chef Knife

Lightweight, durable, and affordable, this 6-inch chef knife is the perfect cutting implement in a commercial kitchen. The profession-grade carbon steel blade delivers exemplary cutting performance to boost productivity in a busy environment.

The hand-honed edges provide unparalleled cuts to create an ultimate chopping, slicing, carving, and dicing tool when cooking or ahead of grilling steaks, chicken, and pork e.t.c. Due to special hardening treatment, the blade won’t rust, discolor, or stain with time or heavy usage.

The white polypropylene handle gives it a durable signature look and is designed with safety in mind. The ergonomic design ensures handling comfort while minimizing fatigue. The protective finger guard keeps the fingers safe from the razor-sharp blade to enhance workplace safety.

5. Thumb Press Disher

With its quality design, long color-coded handle, and quick release level, this scoop will speed your ability to portion batter. All metal parts of the disher are made from durable stainless steel for ease of cleaning and durability. Whether you’re serving food or ladling cookie dough, this scoop ensures consistency.

The simple, two-piece release level is thumb-operated and conveniently designed for right-handed operation. The release mechanism scrapes the bowl clean to reduce waste and maximize your yield. The scoops are available in different sizes, and the size is stamped on the bowl knife for easy identification.

6. Aluminum Lemon Squeezer

Making lemonade or lemon juice doesn’t get easier than with this colorful lemon squeezer. Designed for one-handed operation, this kitchen tool lets you squeeze every drop of the nutritious juice and maximize the yield., This hand-held squeezer is rust-proof and won’t react with acidic lemon juice as it’s specially made from die-cast aluminum.

Using this kitchen tool is intuitive. Simply slice a lemon in half and place it face-down on the bowl and squeeze the handles together. The juice drains down the holes into your container, so you don’t waste a single drop. The juicer comes with long ergonomic handles that fit snugly in your hands to minimize squeezing efforts and safeguard your wrist.


If you do not have the financial capacity to remodel your kitchen or rather create a commercial-grade kitchen. You can add commercial-grade gadgets to your arsenal for a steal. Each of these gadgets costs less than $5 and will add a professional touch to your kitchen.

Despite the super affordable price tag, each gadget is designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen. For the price of a latte, you can procure a range of high-quality kitchen tools and transform your cooking experience.