5 Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Spring

The spring beckons on the horizon. You can’t wait for the winter chill to fade away and for the warm weather to take control, allowing you to enjoy an array of spring activities. As you anticipate warmer weather, you should prepare your home for the change as well. Here are some tips to help you gear your home for the spring:

  1. Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

In the winter, the gutters and downspouts are likely to accumulate ice, snow, leaves, and other debris. Before the spring sets in, ensure you give it a thorough cleaning. Check for any loose ends, ensuring that water can pass through the downspouts. Where possible, check the shingles and chimney to be sure nothing is damaged.

  1. Re-Caulk and Repair the Windows

You don’t want to get into the spring with any cracks in the windows. Check for any damages, remove the old caulking, and replace it. If the sills or wood trim are showing signs of decay or repair, replace them. With that, you will keep out the drafts, saving on your energy bills.

  1. Repair Any Cracks

The harsh winter weather may have caused cracks in the patio, walkway, and foundation, thanks to lots of snow and water. If you notice any damages, fill them quickly to avoid major repairs or total replacements. You should also direct water away from the house, ensuring that the walkway and patio slope away from home.

  1. Inspect the AC Unit, Outdoor Facets, and Lights

Call a certified professional to inspect your AC unit before you start using it. That helps improve safety and make the unit last longer. Also, have a professional check the lighting, receptacles, and outdoor faucets for any signs of damage. That’s also true for any gas installations around your home.

  1. Spruce Up Inside the House

As you prepare for the spring, you should also focus on the things inside the house. For instance, you should clean or replace the furnace filters, check the carbon monoxide and office detectors, and check for lint buildup in the dryer. Also, have the fireplace cleaned. To make your cleaning seamless at an affordable rate, you can get the best vacuum cleaner under 100.


As you can see, getting your New England home ready for the spring is easy. Clean the gutters, repair windows, repair cracks, inspect the utility units, and spruce up inside the house. Easy!