5 Surface Textures That Brightens a Room’s Space

Also known as surface finish, surface texture refers to the nature of a surface. The surfaces may either be rough, smooth, hard, lumpy, gritty, or rough. Most surfaces are designed to serve various functions depending on what the surface is designed for.

Various surface textures serve different purposes. For instance, composite decking largely improves the aesthetic of a home and gives you a feeling of pleasure. Other textures give discomfort or elicit certain emotions. A perfect choice of surface texture adds elegance to your room.

So what surface texture materials are ideal for brightening up your space? Let’s check that out!

Surface Textures to Brighten Up Your Room

1. Maltese stone

The use of this kind of stone reduces the impact of light, making a surface appear richer and subtle. Such types of textures create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Rough textures such as raw timber can also play a significant role in reflecting light.

2. Shinny textures

The use of ceramic tiles, marbles, and glass are great light-reflecting surfaces. This kind of texture bounces light, making a surface appear brighter. Additionally, they serve as bold patterns and bright colors.

3. Light wood flooring

Light wood flooring is ideal for brightening up your room. Alternatively, you can use light strains to mask scratches on the floor. This brightens up the room giving it an elegant outlook.

4. Light-colored tiles

Tiles are becoming a popular option for decorating floors and walls. The use of paler shades and floor tiles is suitable for reflecting light. Designing your space with dark tiles absorbs light making your room appear darker. Therefore, you should focus on the right type of tiles, with the best option being bright-colored tiles to brighten up your space.

5. Matching floor and wall tiles

The use of matching floor and wall tiles is ideal for giving your space a beautiful look. Choosing the right colors, in this case, is perfect in brightening up the room.

If you want to brighten up your room, you have to go for the right surface texture. And it’s really not that difficult. Choose any of the above options and watch your space have some fresh life!

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